4. How we danced in Memphis

When Peter, a giant guy, not too talkative and kind of clumsy, picked us up from the bus station in
Memphis, it was already 9pm. It seemed there’s not gonna be too much fun – Peter though CS to be nothing more than a free hotel and we were too tired and sleepy after 22 hours on the bus to convince him it’s actually something more.  But I wanted to dance in Memphis so much, and that was the only chance – like Elvis once sang – it’s now or never. As starnge as it might seem, the conversation got a lot more lively once we started talking about classical music – turned out, Peter is a huge fan of listening Beethoven’s symphonies full volume in his room, seated on his incredibly comfy beanbag. And the we decided to go hit the bars, and that’s one thing that Memphis doesn’t lack.

And then we danced in Memphis. The music was perfect, my Blue Moon was there, the bar was full, but… nobody was dancing, apart from a plump and wasted lady who was shouting at the musicians, I like it when you do Elvis!! They didn’t do Elvis, they did better. Then we did what we came here for – we started to dance, it was so much fun, and at the end of the song it wasn’t clear anymore, are people clapping their hands for us or for the band. Then another couple joined in, and then, you won’t believe it, Peter went to dance too! Even though he hated rock’n’roll and loved only classical. That was the most amazing thing, as it seemed that it’s the first time in his entire life he’s dancing. The music was still perfect, so we kept dancing and more people joined in, then somebody bought us  more drinks and even asked if we would kindly like some weed (just in case anybody has any doubts, we didn’t!!!). When the band finished playing, the cutest guitarist in Memphis walked up to me and we talked about music, and he was way too cute to like me, too stylish to walk up to me, his guitar and Afro-hair too cool to smile at me like this, and that was so much fun. Then we decided we’re staying for another half-night in Memphis, we saw the Graceland, Misssissippi and Beale Street, then in the evening everybody was there for us – Peter, the guitarist with Afro-hair and all of Peter’s friends, and I won the darts game (beginners luck).

And now Peter doesn’t think anymore that CS is just a free hotel. And I want to come back to Memphis.

And I tell you people, it’s true – ELVIS LIVES.

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