the beauty

aš vadinu tave savąja Neramybe,

nes kito vardo tau nesurandu

we would talk about beauty

the one that lies in the way banana cake is displayed the one that is hidden in the very last drop of chocolate on the smooth white surface of your cappuccino

the same beauty that is glaring on the glass of the highest skyscraper in canary wharf when i’m waiting for the train at south bermondsey

the beauty that is soaked in the smell of espresso with all of my heart in it

the beauty of fish & chips, the beauty of 5 bottles of sparkling water for giordel the beauty of giving things for free the beauty of a clown-like chef uniform

the beauty of waiting for the hour you’ll appear in this ugly place i work in and the beauty of that hour the beauty of the way you walk around and wait

the beauty of that funny gesture you make 5 fingers and then a kiss sent to the sky the sky the sky sky sky

the beauty of the inaudible sound when a seagull touches the surface of water of river thames

the same beauty the beauty is the same

the beauty of that awful potato codfish and cream soup

the beauty that would make us laugh and the beauty of laughing

the kind of beauty that seems to be superficial but when you look closely it reaches deep inside the same way as the espresso is hidden under the milk for cappuccino the same way as i try to look casual when this beauty wakes up the butterflies in my stomach and i say I’m just really clumsy and spill something every time you’re there the plastic box of beans in tomato sauce a coffee a glass of orange juice… but not a word

this kind of beauty could so easily be spoiled with an unnecessary word like the milk for cappuccino is spoiled by a tiny movement of trembling hand

that is exactly why a lot of beauty remained unsaid between the lines, in glances sharing the same understanding of beauty and meaningful smiles shying away

so beauty there is the beauty of the fact that i will never see you again and the sweet sadness of realizing how soon i will forget this beauty and find it somewhere else

and if it hurts a little bit and if i feel like crying now it’s only because of beauty too much beauty la bellezza c’e’ troppo

stammi bene

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